Staff Evaluation


Staff Evaluation is a tedious process with forms to be filled and testimonials to be read; keeping in mind all the qualitative and quantitative factors.

Teachers have some primary responsibilities, they have to be regular, punctual, and diligent in carrying out their daily tasks and must have a good behavior with students.

Automatic Evaluation

The beauty of Hawk School Management System is the fact that everything that needs to be taken into consideration for staff evaluation, is already entered. All you have to do is type in a name and the system analyzes the teacher in question.

Scoring System

The system scores for carrying out regular activities and lesson plans, keeping track of homework grading and assessments etc. Hawk Logix is proud to say that the coding is so perfectly done that this tool gives near perfect results, with weighted scores on teachers’ activities.

Check and Balance

With the integrated system, it is possible for the parents and principal to see the teacher’s performance reviews.