Grade Book


Grade Book is a student’s educational profile with entire academic record. Our system provides an excellent Grade Book System which can be viewed by any category. In the modern schooling system, online portals and ERP systems are used to add more worth to studies. They are a tangible result to show.

Session Wise Record
The data can be displayed session wise. Individual courses and sessions can also be accessed. In short, users may view it through any perspective.

Aggregated and Disaggregated View
There is a Report section filled in by teachers for each course. Students can see it in their own portal view. Grades can be seen as aggregated, disaggregated, monthly and annually.

ERP Management System

The multiple view system is the most prominent feature of our system. Students, who are more concerned about the grades, must get benefit from the ERP management system.

Standard Base Grading

You have the option to choose from regular grading vs standard base grading when you are generating a progress report or end of the year report.