Fee Tracking & Online Payment


Fee Vouchers, bank forms, copies of cheques, credit card receipts. We know that financial records are harder to keep track of than anything else. Hawk School Management System can take at least one part of your financial record keeping away.

Online Payments

Our system has an entire section dedicated to fee tracking and online payments to make your life easier. Calculating all the fees is now just a click away. Enter your details and find what you have to pay. Manually paid fees can also be uploaded to the system and the system updates your financial records in real time, also giving the accounts section access to it.

Record Keeping

The portal keeps a record of all your paid and unpaid dues with classification. Both students and parents can get updates about the upcoming fee with its submission date

Reminders and Alerts

The best part of this tool is an alert system which keeps sending you reminders for deadlines and keeps track of unpaid dues.