Employee Attendance


Keeping a record of employees’ attendance has always been a cumbersome task for organizations. Registers, sheets, folders are manually signed by each individual and time stamp may not even be accurate.

Swift and Hassle-free

With Hawk School Management System, keeping track of your employees’ attendance is swift, easy and hassle-free. Teachers, staff, and administration can mark their attendance with just one click and system will update it on the exact moment of time, ensuring punctuality along the way.

Unique Logins

With a unique Login ID, the system identifies the teachers and staff members and adds their daily attendance to the designated sheets. It has practically eliminated the need for heavy folders and paper records that are really hard to store and keep safe.

Accuracy and Efficiency

The Employees attendance system is also according to American school standards. As the entire education system is evolving, our school management system also portrays the standard and runtime efficiency with 100 % accuracy.